Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Honoring Who Died…Conquering Who Lied

Honoring Who Died…Conquering Who Lied

Patriots and Comrades,

America is in tears, BEGGING us to do something about the way our government is ripping this country apart. While there are only a handful of exceptions, the Republicans and Democrats alike are moving to socialism at the speed of light denying us of our rights stipulated by the Constitution and our Declaration of Independence. The Independent movement is growing, but not fast enough to keep up with the treason and tyranny being played out like a beast in the night. Well, guess what? We have a plan and it’s one that YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!!

Stay tuned for Americans all over this great nation ringing out freedoms and reigning in the lies! Thousands are already waiting…ready and set to GO!

Date: 9-11-09 In honor of the fallen ones and our veterans.

Where? Capital Hill, local government offices in your town or city.

The “What and How” will be answered in a few days so stay tuned. In the mean time, get familiar with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Knowledge is power.

Until then, hold steadfast the will to be free. God bless all and God Bless this great Nation.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My fellow Countryman

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men” Plato

My fellow Countryman,
What has happened to America? This land we profess to love!
We have been silent for so long and now know one pays attention
to our cries.
We have been asleep while others were wide awake and taking over our Country.
We have been in a state of Apathy and turned a blind eye and a deaf ear
to the far left and Socialists ideologies that have permeated our Society.
We are fast becoming a Country without God and are fast approaching a
One World Order of absolute Government control.
We the people of the USA need to wake up, speak up and tell those in Office that
we are not going to stay silent any longer!
We need to let them know that they work for us.
We need to rise up and take the cross of those that died for us.
We need to step out of hiding and confront the evil that has insidiously taken a
strong foot hold in our Society.
We need to be Patriots, for the people and for the Constitution!
If we fail to come together, United, in this struggle for freedom, then we all will
be governed by tyrants.
Watch out America, the Socialists agenda has started and it is up to the People of the
USA to bring back the base that our Country was founded on, that those before us fought
and died for and continue to do.
We need to get God back in America,
Do you love America? Do you love your freedom, your liberties, all your rights that are given
by the Constitution?
If so, then let us take this Country back!
Let us put God back on our Country.
Let us secure the future for our children, for the grandchildren for generations to come.
Let us get off the couch, out of the self-pity, self-serving , let the Government take care of me
Let us restore the Pride and Respect for our Country that is lost.
We must join groups, organize, recruit for the cause of Liberty and for the Restoration of our
Constitution and for our liberty.
B. Payne
SE Okla.

My Fear for America

Fear For America
The news is full of grim predictions for our Countries future. The American life as we know it will soon be swept away by a Government that will dictate to its Citizens how to think, to act, to respond to their New World Order.
It has been written, about how a man will rise up and that this man will bring hope and change to a people that are seeking a Leader to get them out of this "mess" that they see the country in.
Do not be fooled. Once the damage is done there is no way to change back.
We will live under socialism and that, my friends, is a place darker than the current economy. The Government, controlled by a Super Majority and by an Extreme Liberalised President will destroy America and usher the world into Armageddon.
We need to pray, to fast in order that the Father will have mercy and demonstrate His greater power than that of the current polls.
If we fail in this task, we will lose all our basic Constitutional Rights, there will be mass chaos in the streets, and there will be a reverse form of Racism that this country has never seen and We the People will be slipping into the very heart of Hell.
The man that many people are looking to and calling Messiah is an abomination to every thing that our forefathers and our country stand for. This man speaks to the heart of the people that are to blind and to hungry to be willing to see him for what he is.
A majority of people do not care and in this quest to have this man become their "savior" that are willing to sell their very souls to him.
This man, as he has been written about has came to us in sheep's clothing, feeding our hearts with sweet words, tickling our ears with promises of change. He is like a lover that has no conscience, no morals. This man feasts on the burning lust of his people and continues to get ever stronger. He is like a beast that has no end to the cravings and when this man demands your very life in order to prove your love and devotion to him, then they that have been his advocates, those that have willing followed him will see him for what he truly is, but it will be too late. There will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth at the deceit and horror that this man has bestowed upon the earth.
How can we as Americans not see through this? Have we become so complacent in our thinking, in our quest for something better, that we have settled for Satan's son?
Is it just me that has this feeling of fear every time I see this man, every time I look into his eyes? Surely not!
If people really want to know more about this man, do the research, as I have and then pray for the Father to guide you to doing what you know in your heart to do. To stand up against the Obamanation and against the army of the Demigods that is following him. If "We the People" do not take a stand then "We the People" will lose our America!
Go to YouTube and see all the videos, read about this man, his secret society. Yes he does have one and this society will be revealed only after he is elected as President.
Ayers will be in charge of the FBI, The CIA. Farrakhan will be in charge of the Pentagon, Winfrey will be his close advisor, Powell will be in charge of Foreign policy and will have meetings with others, without preconditions, Wright will be our US Ambassador, and well you get the picture.
Imagine: the entire above sitting in the Oval office, and the Demo gods in charge of everything else.
If you do not believe in a God, then may He, our Savior, Jesus Christ, have mercy on us all.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American by Birth, Shamed by my Government

Dear Elected Official in DC,
During this time in America, with families struggling for survival, with Christianity being threatened, we, the American people do not need more placed upon us.
Please fight back against obama's agenda. Nominee after Administration nominee has had financial and ethical lapses, but you, a member of the U.S. Senate have failed in your duty to fully vet these candidates. Open your eyes and your ears to the cries of your voters, your Constituents!!
Stop the slaughter of our Rights. Stop the Blasphemy against the Conservatives in America.
Stop the Appointees of obamas' cabinet of horrors!
J. Napolitano---Calling "American Conservatives" and our Honorable men and women in Uniform, past and present, "Terrorists" while refusing to "label" the true masterminds of Terror with the same word! What a message this will send to others if she is not brought up on some sort of Ethical/Treason Charges against the US.
By allowing her to continue, without bringing her to task, means that YOU approve of her stance, her "briefing" on this matter!!
Kathleen Sebelius--Owed back taxes and failed to fully disclose her deep financial ties to the abortion industry. She is so Pro-Abortion and will be a severe menace to all that believe otherwise.
By approving her for this appointment, you to then become one of her allies in the Murder of the Unborn! If a person commits a crime against a woman that is pregnant, even as early as 8 weeks, and that woman miscarries, the criminal can be charged with murder. Is there any difference? Protect us and our Health care. No matter her "qualifications" she is still a "co-conspirator" to murder!
Judge Hamilton--It is "OK" to pray to allah, but NOT TO GOD!! We as a nation was founded on Godly principles and beliefs.But, too many people today seem to think that we should hide our "religion" so as not to "offend" others!! Well the time for hiding will end IF he is appointed!! He will see to it that God, Christianity, Religion and the Bible will be outlawed in America!! Mark my words, Know the Man, Know the plan!
IF you approve this appointee, then you to say NO to God and YES to his "allah! We can all go and bury God and the Bible then!!
These are just 3 of the many disciples of evil that obama has appointed. This needs to stop. IF you refuse to back America and let the People know that "we are America and we will stay America, then this will be your last time in DC!!
We will vote you out!! Think the Tea Parties are going away? They will only grow and get stronger. By the time you run again, you will be known, far and wide!!
An American by Birth, Shamed by my "government"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Committee for Congressional Change


I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:


I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes less than a minute of your time.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Posted by David L O'Connor on April 5, 2009 at 4:58pm
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Subject: Here is the attachment & link
This is the link to the Bush history
Yours in freedom and liberty, in spirit and in truth,



The names mentioned in this 40 page link are also supporters of Obama,Clinton and so many others. These people are communist and we have had them all and I do mean ALL picked for us.

The Tower of Basel: Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency

The Tower of Basel: Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency

Do we really want the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) issuing our global currency?

by Ellen Brown As you read this material please realize, We The People "allow" these central banks to exist. Only when we abolish central banking can the People ever be free. Money creation MUST be returned to the People or the People will continue to be enslaved and the suffering will only become more egregious............