Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American by Birth, Shamed by my Government

Dear Elected Official in DC,
During this time in America, with families struggling for survival, with Christianity being threatened, we, the American people do not need more placed upon us.
Please fight back against obama's agenda. Nominee after Administration nominee has had financial and ethical lapses, but you, a member of the U.S. Senate have failed in your duty to fully vet these candidates. Open your eyes and your ears to the cries of your voters, your Constituents!!
Stop the slaughter of our Rights. Stop the Blasphemy against the Conservatives in America.
Stop the Appointees of obamas' cabinet of horrors!
J. Napolitano---Calling "American Conservatives" and our Honorable men and women in Uniform, past and present, "Terrorists" while refusing to "label" the true masterminds of Terror with the same word! What a message this will send to others if she is not brought up on some sort of Ethical/Treason Charges against the US.
By allowing her to continue, without bringing her to task, means that YOU approve of her stance, her "briefing" on this matter!!
Kathleen Sebelius--Owed back taxes and failed to fully disclose her deep financial ties to the abortion industry. She is so Pro-Abortion and will be a severe menace to all that believe otherwise.
By approving her for this appointment, you to then become one of her allies in the Murder of the Unborn! If a person commits a crime against a woman that is pregnant, even as early as 8 weeks, and that woman miscarries, the criminal can be charged with murder. Is there any difference? Protect us and our Health care. No matter her "qualifications" she is still a "co-conspirator" to murder!
Judge Hamilton--It is "OK" to pray to allah, but NOT TO GOD!! We as a nation was founded on Godly principles and beliefs.But, too many people today seem to think that we should hide our "religion" so as not to "offend" others!! Well the time for hiding will end IF he is appointed!! He will see to it that God, Christianity, Religion and the Bible will be outlawed in America!! Mark my words, Know the Man, Know the plan!
IF you approve this appointee, then you to say NO to God and YES to his "allah! We can all go and bury God and the Bible then!!
These are just 3 of the many disciples of evil that obama has appointed. This needs to stop. IF you refuse to back America and let the People know that "we are America and we will stay America, then this will be your last time in DC!!
We will vote you out!! Think the Tea Parties are going away? They will only grow and get stronger. By the time you run again, you will be known, far and wide!!
An American by Birth, Shamed by my "government"

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