Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Fear for America

Fear For America
The news is full of grim predictions for our Countries future. The American life as we know it will soon be swept away by a Government that will dictate to its Citizens how to think, to act, to respond to their New World Order.
It has been written, about how a man will rise up and that this man will bring hope and change to a people that are seeking a Leader to get them out of this "mess" that they see the country in.
Do not be fooled. Once the damage is done there is no way to change back.
We will live under socialism and that, my friends, is a place darker than the current economy. The Government, controlled by a Super Majority and by an Extreme Liberalised President will destroy America and usher the world into Armageddon.
We need to pray, to fast in order that the Father will have mercy and demonstrate His greater power than that of the current polls.
If we fail in this task, we will lose all our basic Constitutional Rights, there will be mass chaos in the streets, and there will be a reverse form of Racism that this country has never seen and We the People will be slipping into the very heart of Hell.
The man that many people are looking to and calling Messiah is an abomination to every thing that our forefathers and our country stand for. This man speaks to the heart of the people that are to blind and to hungry to be willing to see him for what he is.
A majority of people do not care and in this quest to have this man become their "savior" that are willing to sell their very souls to him.
This man, as he has been written about has came to us in sheep's clothing, feeding our hearts with sweet words, tickling our ears with promises of change. He is like a lover that has no conscience, no morals. This man feasts on the burning lust of his people and continues to get ever stronger. He is like a beast that has no end to the cravings and when this man demands your very life in order to prove your love and devotion to him, then they that have been his advocates, those that have willing followed him will see him for what he truly is, but it will be too late. There will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth at the deceit and horror that this man has bestowed upon the earth.
How can we as Americans not see through this? Have we become so complacent in our thinking, in our quest for something better, that we have settled for Satan's son?
Is it just me that has this feeling of fear every time I see this man, every time I look into his eyes? Surely not!
If people really want to know more about this man, do the research, as I have and then pray for the Father to guide you to doing what you know in your heart to do. To stand up against the Obamanation and against the army of the Demigods that is following him. If "We the People" do not take a stand then "We the People" will lose our America!
Go to YouTube and see all the videos, read about this man, his secret society. Yes he does have one and this society will be revealed only after he is elected as President.
Ayers will be in charge of the FBI, The CIA. Farrakhan will be in charge of the Pentagon, Winfrey will be his close advisor, Powell will be in charge of Foreign policy and will have meetings with others, without preconditions, Wright will be our US Ambassador, and well you get the picture.
Imagine: the entire above sitting in the Oval office, and the Demo gods in charge of everything else.
If you do not believe in a God, then may He, our Savior, Jesus Christ, have mercy on us all.

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