Saturday, April 18, 2009

The People Prayed for a Saviour: Enter b. Hussein obama

Start: Wed 10/15/2008 3:10 PM
Today as I have watched the news and listened to what people are saying, I find myself very afraid and very sad for the future of the USA.
We, the People of the US, will be choosing someone on November 4th to be our next President and that will set a course for our Country that no one will be ready for.
I heard a Minister state; '' the people are praying for a King instead of a Savior, they are praying for change instead of mercy".
UPDATE: He was elected and America was not prepared for the FRAUD, CORRUPTION, SCANDAL and HATRED that he sublty voices for America.
I heard another person state; "the Messiah has come and the people will listen."
In both instances I feel that the person that they are referring to is Obama. If this is true then may God have mercy on those of us who see Obama for what he is.
#1- A very arrogant man, that believes in himself and truly does see him self as "The Chosen One". The true "Manchurian Candidate". Groomed by Soros and others in the Bildeberg Club.
#2- A man that once in office will drive our country into the dark abyss of Hell, a Hell that many Americans are willingly and blindly being led into by this soft spoken, kind, gentle man. When this deed is done it will be to late to save our country.
UPDATE: We are fast becoming a Socialist Nation. He is "befriending Communist Countries, Calling America/ns ARROGANT and blaming America for the worlds' problems!
#3-This is a man that knows what to say, how to say it and how to get the people to believe the lies that he is telling.
#4-A man that is right now working "closely" with those in Congress to add another 300 billion to our already burdened budget.
UPDATE: He (b Hussein obama) has currently increased our debt to 9 TRILLION DOLLARS!!
#5-A man, that has risen from the ranks very quickly, with the help of others that do not have the Heart for America as their primary interest.
I ask you to picture Obama, Wright, and CEO’s from Acorn, Farrakhan and a host of others sitting in the Oval office.
Can you imagine Ayers looking at the documents from the Homeland Security, from the Pentagon, from the Dept of Defense?
Can you imagine Wright and Farrakhan reshaping our Religious Rights and Privileges we as Americans, The majority of us, hold so dear? Can you imagine a Government ran by one party? That will be what happens if Obama is elected.
It speaks in the Bible about a man such as Obama. Are we/you ready for the Armageddon? Are you/we ready for the horrors that will be upon this earth? Some of those that are FAR LEFT will welcome it with open arms of love while others will be in an EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN because of the farce that was before them.
The people prayed for a king and for change: the person God sent was Obama, and the people wept and could not be consoled.

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