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The Birth of Socialism

The short history of Obama
Born in 1961 and named Barrack Hussein Obama Jr. (Later name Soetoro, was changed to his Step Fathers’) If this is so, then why is he still using Obama and did he change his name back to Obama and if so when? Also, were Obama’s parents really students at the East/West Center of University of Hawaii, Manoa, when Obama was born?
1967—Moved to Kenya. Lived and went to school there. (To be able to go to school in Kenya, the student must be a citizen of that country!)
1974—Moved back to the US.
1979—Graduated from High School
After 2 years graduated from Columbia Univ. in 1983 with a BA in Political Science
1988 met Michelle and married in 1992 (Michelle worked at Sidley&Austin with Bill Ayers’ wife—B Dohrn)
1988 to 1991 Harvard Graduate at the age of 30 years.
Michelle Obama was the Associate Dean at Columbia University and worked on the first Community service program.
After a few years with Sidley & Austin, Michelle ventured into public service. She worked as an assistant to Mayor Richard M. Daly and shortly thereafter, she became the assistant commissioner of planning and development for City Hall.
In 1993, she began serving as the executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies, a leadership-training program. Three years later, she accepted a position as the assistant dean of student services at the University of Chicago; she focused on the development of the school’s first community service program. In 2002, she took her community service focus to the University of Chicago Medical Center where she was appointed executive director of community and external affairs. In 2005, she was appointed vice president of community and external affairs.
After law school, Obama returned to Chicago to practice as a civil rights lawyer, joining the firm of Miner, Barnhill & Galland. He also taught at the University of Chicago Law School
Obama’s advocacy work led him to run for the Illinois State Senate as a Democrat. He was elected in 1996 from the south side neighborhood of Hyde Park.

In the November 2004 general election, Obama received 70% of the vote to Keyes's 27%, the largest electoral victory in Illinois history. Obama became only the third African American elected to the U.S. Senate since Reconstruction.

ACORN = Bill Ayers’s Weather Underground
Capital Research Center ^ | October 15, 2008 | Matthew Vadum
ACORN and William Ayers's terrorist group, the Weather Underground, have the same parent (or perhaps grandparent): Students for a Democratic Society.
Both grew out of the radical 1960s group, Students for a Democratic Society, but took different paths.
The Weather Underground decided violence was the way to change society, but its sister (or perhaps cousin would be a better word), ACORN, decided that community organizing was the way to change society.
It would even be fair to say that ACORN is in a sense the nonviolent version of the Weather Underground.
In this sense, the connection between Ayers and Barack Obama is even closer than thought previously.

Davis, who was investigated by the FBI and various congressional and official inquiries, was a CPUSA member. In fact, as AIM has documented, Davis was involved in the CPUSA or its front activities, before, during and after World War II, and became a member of a secret communist apparatus in the 1950s after the CPUSA in Hawaii was reorganized on an underground basis.
AIM had confirmed that Obama’s white grandfather, Stanley Dunham, picked Davis because Obama’s black father had abandoned the family and Dunham thought Obama needed a black father figure. AIM also confirmed that Davis was Obama’s mentor during the critical years 1975-1979.
Harnden claimed in a preceding article that Obama was introduced to Davis in 1970 when he was only nine years old. This would mean that Davis was an influence over Obama for about nine full years, until Obama was 18 and went off to college.
Harnden quotes Dawna Weatherly-Williams, a friend of Davis’s, as saying that Stanley Dunham brought Obama to meet Davis in the autumn of 1970. She “was chatting with him [Davis] that late autumn afternoon as Dunham and Barry [Obama] approached,” Harnden reports.
Harnden also reports that Davis and Dunham smoked marijuana together. Dawna Weatherly-Williams said that “Frank never really did drugs, though he and Stan would smoke pot together,” the paper said. Obama, of course, also admits that he used marijuana and cocaine in his youth.
Citing passages from Obama’s own book, Dreams From My Father, which was published in 1995, Harnden demonstrates how Obama went to “Frank” for advice about racial issues, college, and other matters at critical periods in his life. Clearly, the relationship between them, as concluded by many observers, was strong.
He can't deny this close association with an admitted communist. Also see:
National Enquirer: Obama Sex Perv Scandal - even a stopped clock is right twice a day
Link to Frank Marshall Davis FBI Files and a Briefing on Obama’s Communist Ties
Frank Marshall Davis, alleged Communist, was early influence on Barack Obama

Barack Obama & the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis
Listen to this Interview of James Simpson, by Sandy Rios, Tuesday 9/30 - WYLL 1160AM, Chicago, IL
Simpson documents his research in his article, providing Web links. He provides a rough flow chart.

Further corroboration on Obama & The Cloward-Piven Strategy:
Obama, Voter Fraud & Mortgage Meltdown, by James H. Walsh, former federal prosecutor.
On Barack Obama's Marxist connections in Chicago
Web Archives Confirm Barack Obama Was Member Of [Marxist] Socialist 'New Party' In 1996
On Alice Palmer, the South Side's Marxist State Senator, Who Hand Picked Barack Obama to Succeed Her
More on Obama's odd alliance with authoritarians (Marxist radical Islamist):
Barack Obama campaigning with taxpayers' money for Raila Odinga, Marxist & pro-Islamist, despotic leader in Kenya
Barack Obama & Khalid Al-Mansour (old Black Panther comrade of Ayers & Dohrn and likely of Alice Palmer) who raised funds to get Obama into Harvard

Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and Barack Obama -- Connecting the Dots

"Race Course Against White Supremacy" --- Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn new book

1n 1965, William (Bill) Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are inspired by Saul Alinsky of Chicago’s radical political philosophy that is spelled out in his book “Rules for Radicals”. They join the leftist political group called the New Party and another leftist political group called Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) that has just been founded at Michigan State University.
See the Video of the 2007 Reunion of the SDS in Michigan with Ayers and Dohrn. Their speech is 80% Obama
Dohrn was outspoken in her APPROVAL of the Charles Manson Murders
In the mid-1960s, Columbia Sociology Professor Richard A. Cloward and his wife, Francis Fox Piven, are also inspired by the radical political philosophy of Saul Alinsky. Based on information in Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals”, Cloward & Piven devise a powerful strategy that hinges on creating social class warfare to force America’s capitalistic democratic republic to CHANGE into a totalitarian socialist state.
In 1966, in an effort to put their strategy for socio-political change into action, Cloward & Piven establish the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) and in 1967 they recruit a member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and follower of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, George A. Wiley, to run NWRO.
From 1968-1969, as head of an SDS regional group, the “Jesse James Gang”, Ayers made decisive contributions to the Weatherman orientation toward militancy.
In 1969, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn co-found the Weathermen domestic terrorist group. The Weathermen were initially part of the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) within the SDS, splitting from the RYM’s Maoists by claiming there was no time to build a vanguard party and that revolutionary war against the United States government and the capitalist system should begin immediately. Their founding document called for the establishment of a “white fighting force” to be allied with the “Black Liberation Movement”
In 1970, Wiley passes the mantle at NWRO to community organizer and member of Students for Democratic Society (SDS), Wade Rathke, who also subscribes to Saul Alinsky’s radical political philosophy. Wade Rathke and Gary Delgado expand the NWRO into the Arkansas Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now and later into the national Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Maude Hurd has been National President of ACORN since 1990.
In 1970, Ayers is called “a national leader of the Weatherman organization and “one of the chief theoreticians of the Weathermen” (he eventually participates in more than 30 bombings) and Ayers, Dohrn, and several other Weathermen associates “go underground”.
From 1970-1992, Ayers and Dohrn radicalize the Chicago Public School (CPS) System by becoming well-respected early childhood education specialists. Ayers starts “experimental schools” that teach a Marxist-inspired curriculum that is later adopted by the entire school system in Chicago and with the help of Ayers’ textbooks and teacher training materials is also incorporated in school systems across the nation.
In 1992, Obama takes time off from his work at the Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland Law Firm in Chicago to direct Project Vote, which was run out of the Chicago Chapter of ACORN. It is a very lucrative voter registration drive and Obama’s efforts, in large part, get Senator Alice Palmer elected. Students support Palmer for a Democratic Society and other leftist political groups. Because of Project Vote’s immense success, the head of ACORN in Chicago, Madeleine Talbot, asked Obama to train all of her community organizer leaders in his organizing methods.
In 1995, Obama represents ACORN in a lawsuit against the state of Illinois over enforcement of federal law involving voter registration issues for low-income people, according to the Associated Press.
In 1996, Obama launches his first run for elected office for a seat in the Illinois state senate with a fundraiser event at the home of domestic unrepentant terrorists, Bill Ayers and bernardine Dohrn. Obama is supported in this election by the leftist New Party (communist), Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)(socialists), and the Democratic Party in the Illinois State Senate race.
1n 1996, ACORN supports and lobbies for the federal “Motor Voter Act” which, when passed, makes it simpler for people to register to vote.
From 1998-2002, Obama and Ayers serve together on two “philanthropic” foundation boards and fund ACORN projects with grants that total $730,000, nearly a quarter of a million dollars. (Jill Higgins trustee of the National Resource Defense Council: Acorn is one of the Foundations. Jill Higgins and her husband have contributed 40,000 to the DNC and 2300 to Obama. Obama stays at Higgins home in Hawaii in Aug. The NRDC was involved in the ALTA-APPLE scandal the Apples industry to loose billions all because of false claims.)
On April 2, 2001, William Ayers makes an individual contribution of $200 to Obama’s “Friends of Barack Obama” re-election fund to the Illinois State Senate.
In 2003-2004, Obama runs for the U.S. Senate with support from the New Party, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and the Democratic Party and wins. Obama campaigns for openly socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.
In 2006, Obama announces his run for the U.S. Presidency on the Democratic ticket.
In November 2007, Barack Obama makes a speech to ACORN in which he says, “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.” — Barack Obama,
In 2008, the Obama presidential campaign pays $800,000 to an ACORN subsidiary, called Citizen Service, Inc., to operate “get out the vote” efforts, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
ACORN Votes, ACORN’s national political action committee, endorsed the candidacy of Barack Obama during the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary,
On Oct. 14, 2008, the head community organizer at ACORN, William Rathke, son of Wade Rathke (who was a member of Students for Democratic Society (SDS) and subscribed to Saul Alinsky’s radical political philosophy), as told by FOX News, "as debunking that ACORN has participated in any voter fraud".
THAT brings us to TODAY-—Smack dab in the middle of a 1960s style socialist/Marxist sociopolitical REVOLUTION!!!

2008—Running for President of the US of A. with unanswered questions, concerns and on an agenda that may well devastate our Country.

I cannot take credit for most of this report. I did the research and got most of this info from the web. What you all do with it is up to you.
This story once properly researched and formatted, will make Julia Robert’s “CONSPIRACY THEORY” read like a Children’s Book.
B. Payne

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