Friday, April 17, 2009

My Fellow Countryman


Building Bridges

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men” Plato

My fellow Countryman,

What has happened to America? This land we profess to love!

We have been silent for so long and now know one pays attention

to our cries.

We have been asleep while others were wide awake and taking over our Country.

We have been in a state of Apathy and turned a blind eye and a deaf ear

to the far left and Socialists ideologies that have permeated our Society.

We are fast becoming a Country without God and are fast approaching a

One World Order of absolute Government control.

We the people of the USA need to wake up, speak up and tell those in Office that

we are not going to stay silent any longer!

We need to let them know that they work for us.

We need to rise up and take the cross of those that died for us.

We need to step out of hiding and confront the evil that has insidiously taken a

strong foot hold in our Society.

We need to be Patriots, for the people and for the Constitution!

If we fail to come together, United, in this struggle for freedom, then we all will

be governed by tyrants.

Watch out America, the Socialists agenda has started and it is up to the People of the

USA to bring back the base that our Country was founded on, that those before us fought

and died for and continue to do.

We need to get God back in America,

Do you love America? Do you love your freedom, your liberties, all your rights that are given

by the Constitution?

If so, then let us take this Country back!

Let us put God back in our Country, our Schools and our Government.

Let us secure the future for our children and for all the generations to come.

Let us get off the couch, out of the self-pity, self-serving , let the Government take care of me


Let us restore the Pride and Respect for our Country that is lost.

We must organize, recruit for the cause of Liberty and for the Restoration of our


Our very basic freedoms are at risk, what‘s your plan to save them?

B. Payne

SE Okla.

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