Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Mr. B. Hussein obama and elected officials,

(Picture from the online Oklahoma Newspaper)

My letter to the "officials in DC"! 

To all the “Elected Official” in DC,

My name is Barbara and I am needing help.

You see, with the new “spread the wealth” program and all the “new plans” for Healthcare, Education and Energy, I may need to file Bankruptcy.

The burden of paying for others needs, wants and desires that are underserved and at a disadvantage and paying my ever increasing IRS debt, has really placed a financial burden on me and my family.

In order to prevent this, I was wondering if you could fast track a Bill for me and please do not let John Q Public know. (They may start to have Beer Parties in protest! That would not be good, as it would cause the DHS to investigate these radicals further. Causing an undo and enormous burden on the Dept and therefore increasing my taxes to pay for this extra bit of paper work)!

I digress, sorry.

So, The title of this “Bill” could be “the Screw Act”.

The text of this Bill could go something like this:

Be it affirmed that as of this reading, we the Elected Officials in DC are hereby passing this Bill, the Screw Act, for review and once submitted will be signed without any reading or debates and will be signed in a closed door event.

The “Screw a Act” would enable you, the “elected officials” to tighten the screws into the coffins of the non-working, underserved and under-privilaged class:

Sect. A-- The non working class will be forced to work, pay taxes, get off welfare, stop the racist theme and look to their own well being and safety. If unable to obtain food, they will learn to plant a garden.

Sect. B--It will be mandatory that the underserved and the disadvantage find another avenue for their wealth and not rely on the American tax payers for their financial gain.

Sect. C--The underserved and disadvantage will be required to prove that they are a Citizen of the USA and if not able to do this, will immediately be deported.

You can add more it you wish, but if this could be done, the burden would be lifted off me and my children and grandchildren.

I to want a safe, happy and financial secure future, but, at the pace I am going trying to pay for my neighbors lifestyle, it will be impossible for me to continue this and in the end we will all suffer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Looking forward to your reply.


Barbara P

PS: I owe taxes this year and was wanting to know if Geither can help me here! If I could be appointed a Czar or something I know that this would be forgiven!

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