Saturday, April 18, 2009

What has happened to our World?

What a mess our Country has is in. Morality, Values, Ethics, Tolerance and Respect for others and their Beliefs are being exploded out of existence by just a few with opposite views.
What started out as a "Christian Nation", one that was founded on Christian Principles, is now the new "Sodom and Gomorrah" the "New Babylon"!
My Heavenly Father surely must be weeping torrential flowing tears of grief to see what He created.
We are no longer a caring tolerant Nation. Some of American Citizens are on a path to destroy all things Holy, Traditional, Clean and Normal because of their unhappiness and own grief. They are consumed with jealousy, hatred and envy at those that establish their lives to the "norm" of Society and have as their Foundation that of God, the Bible and the Constitution.
May God have mercy on us all!
Christians need to rise up, take a stand and defend what God has written, has commanded us to do!
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